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Highly Recommended! It's been hit or miss to find massage therapists who really take on my neck and upper back pain. Lenore is the best I've found! She's smart, savvy about anatomy, and able to apply the kind of pressure I need. A lucky find for me.
Elise S
Lenore is the best. I have been a client for the past 2+ years. Lenore's prenatal massages help with my back and SI pain. I always feel much better after a massage with Lenore. She is really flexible and focuses on my problem areas. I can't imagine a pregnancy without prenatal massages with Lenore!
Anne Niven
Lenore is the full package! I have been going to Lenore for many, many years. Lenore is the full package...excellent technical skills, knowledge of the human body, embodiment of the holistic philosophy for the care of body/mind/spirit, serene/beautiful space and a high level of professionalism. I routinely recommend her to family,friends and colleagues. My college age son is a large athlete and is also a steady client (when he's in town). We couldn't be happier with the care Lenore provides:-)
Josee Usher
Excellent Lenore is in tune to her commitment in giving awesome massages. Five years of my dedication in receiving massages from her proves to me that I am grateful to have her in my life. Having been active most of my life, I stay on top of my game as long as I have her Touch of Comfort.
The best Massage enhances the quality of my life. I have fibromyalgia and chronic neck pain from an old MVA, and after just 2 visits with Lenore, I feel a significant improvement! Her technique is absolutely wonderful. So glad I established care with her.
Liz Rice-Sosne
An excellent name as one receives great comfort with Lenore. Lenore is an excellent massage therapist. She is professional, careful and attentive to the client's needs. Her office is clean, peaceful and inviting. She is able to accommodate anyone's massage needs whether with a gentle touch or with deep tissue needs. She is intuitive to her client's needs. I have always felt better when leaving her office.
Lovely experience Lenore is gifted ,intuitive, and kind. I speak from a place of experience. I have had many different types of body work. I have sent my husband and friends to her. All have been very happy! Her space is lovely, peaceful, private, and quiet.
Connie Wolf
Lenore Spitznagel Gives a Great Massage! Lenore is Knowledgable, Sensitive, Caring, & More. She pays attention to her clients' needs and provides a healing massage. Treat yourself to a Lenore Massage --- and bask in her relaxing touch. Connie
Janet Reifsteck
A Touch of Comfort I have been getting massage therapy from Lenore Spitznagel at A Touch of Comfort for about 5 years. Lenore is extremely professional and her office is clean and neat. She has done an excellent job of adjusting her techniques to the needs of my body, as I have fibromyalgia and can be very sensitive. I have recommended Lenore to many of my friends and family and all have been very happy with their visits. She is well trained and does take continuing education classes in massage therapy and technique. She is consistently great and always aware of the clients comfort. I would highly recommend A Touch of Comfort to anyone in need of a massage therapist or anyone looking for a relaxation massage.